home again

hey everyone! I'm soory for not being able to blog but I have had other things to do. Tomorrow I start school again and gee I do not want to go. But I'm trying to keep a happy face because I want to believe this year is going to be fantastic. 

This week I have been to doctors, my physiotherapist, the gym for a gym card, the stables and I have been sailing with my partner before we go to the competition on saturday and sunday.
I miss everyone from ORA and Oxford and I rellay hope to see you all again soon. 
pic of me sailing


Hey babes! I hope that all of you from ORA came home safely or that you will have a good flight! Thank you all again for the best two weeks ever! 

I'm now in an aircraft and we are supposed to land in about 10 min and then I'll go home and unpack an all that boring stuff. Tonight I'm going to bed early and tomorrow will be a day for me to settle in. I have been in my room at home in Stockholm one night since I came home from 10 months in Paris so I have a lot to do in my room. Stuff to prepare for school. After that I have a rough week of meeting friends. Extra teaching time, family time and I'm also going to like 5 different doctors for various reasons. Well well 

What are you all going to do? When does school start for you? 
Now they are turning off wifi

Talk later babes

Morning Of truth

Hey lovers! I'm so sad to announce that I just packed my last things and that my room now looks as empty as when I found it the first day. I can tell you it was not love at first sight with this room but now it is obviously the best room. 

Since my parents surprised me by coming here I will be leaving campus earlier than I usually planned, this makes me sad but I'm also very greatful to my parents that they took time off work to visit this magical city that is Oxford! 

For anyone that missed it I won a prize for best blogger or something and I got FUDGE! love ❤️

What more can I say than that I thank every single soul who was at Oxford Royale academy session 5 2015 with me because you guys are really the best. I want to thank Steph my teacher for being so sweet and knowing about medicine and I want to thank the counsellors for the fun activities, the intellectual conversations  and the good tips you have given me.

To summarise this blog post. Oxford you have not seen the last of me