8 days and counting down

Goodmorning world! Today is a great day and it is officially 8 days in total until my high school graduation day next Friday! Today I started my day with a small ab circuit that i was to lazy to finish and then I took 2 ripe banans and 2 eggs and tried to do banana pancakes but my mixture was too runny so I added some oats and got banana scramble instead. after that I looked through my latest new videos on YouTube and drank my morning tea. Made my bed and packed for my sleepover with Karro. after this one math lesson I have 80 minutes I have a casting and at one pm I'm going to meet up with my mentor for about an hour. And after that we have to study for  our maths final which is next week and at 5 pm we'll take a bus to an exclusive event for Ariana Grades new album. And after that we'll go to gröna Lund to watch Miriam Bryant  so a full day!  
Now the class is starting, love B

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